We are pleased to introduce you to KHAVINDO as one of the leading manufacturers / exporters of furniture, handicrafts and home accessories in Indonesia. Over the years, Indonesia has been known as a country with a wealth of beautiful art and amazing culture. The creative work of Indonesian craftsmen in the fields of furniture and crafts is also well-known and widely enjoyed as part of the universal landscape of interior design.

With a strong belief in the value of invaluable traditional crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation. KHAVINDO was founded to have the big dream of a partnership between craft and furniture designers with all traditional craftsmen to create extraordinary Indonesian-made furniture and crafts.

Through creative innovation combined with craftsmanship skills and ingenuity in creating a variety of products, KHAVINDO strives to create breakthroughs and open new horizons for the Indonesian furniture and handicraft market throughout the World.

KHAVINDO is a socially conscious company that conducts business with personal and professional integrity. We employ committed and caring employees whose priority is to serve and respond to the needs of each of our customers. We would be delighted to share with you KHAVINDO interior inspiration- proudly Indonesian Made!

Frans Ronald T
President Director